Foster V. Chattman Case Study

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Foster v. Chatman
Late 1980s a young man named Timothy Tyrone Foster, age 18 black African-Americans was charged with the murder of a white elderly woman named Queen White. During the court-martial, the persecuting attorney decided to use his Peremptory Strikes to remove all four black jurors. The prosecutor violates the race-neutral acts, the members of the jury pool used extreme strategy against the race matching of the defendant. Under the Supreme Court’s decision in Batson v. Kentucky, it does not let to use an unconditional attack that defines as a racial discrimination, but they remove any burden they may affect the case so they can give him a fair trial by using legal racially biased jury selection method. At the end, Tyrone Foster was
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I do not think the decision that the court makes was rationale because Timothy Tyrone Foster never has a fair trial to begin with. As a result, many years later he found about that his trial violates the six & fourteen Amendments that guarantee the any accused of any race the right to a fair trial as well as equal protection against the law. The decision that likely support a liberal is that every defendant in a criminal court has the right of a fair court-martial, no matter their crime and the decisions that likely support a conservative was when Foster’s prosecutor only wanted the four members off the jury because they were black, he cannot choose who can be a jury or not, if they have the proper standard to be one they are also qualified. As a result, Foster’s prosecutor did not follow the six amendments protocol that guarantees the right to criminal prosecutions in federal courts. I believe we have the Sixth Amendment to make sure that accused like Foster is treated …show more content…
The magistrates cannot be single-minded against the accused man or women and black or white. During a court-martial all prosecutor presents justice, so justice means to me is being punished for a crime that was committed. A prosecutor should not conduct a case against a defendant by using injustice acts. Timothy Tyrone Foster as an accused also has the right to be confronted with the witnesses that are against him as well as obtaining witnesses that are in his favor. Therefore, if I were a Supreme Court Justice, my decision would be that all trials need to follow the amendment rule of human right. As an expert on the criminal justice system, I will strive to see that every individual is punished for the crime that they have committed, by using the legitimate method. If I were Supreme Court Justice, I want to make certain that no individual was being punished for a crime without enough evidence to convince an assembly of people that he or she is

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