Foster Parenting And Stress : A Foster Parent Essay examples

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Even though the number of children in the foster system that needs guidance may be extremely high, fostering a child can be a stressful personal choice. When a foster parent decides to commit to being a foster parent, whether the person becomes a foster parent formally through a fostering agency or informally by taking in a family member or friend’s child, a foster parent and other people within the household will surely be challenged in diverse ways. Even with all the resources the agencies have out there to assist the foster parent in preparing to foster a child, “foster parenting is a learn-as-you-go effort” (Foster Parenting and Stress”). No matter how diligently the person may apply oneself to “no one can ready you for the stress level you are sure to experience” (“Foster Parenting and Stress”). Without a doubt, fostering a child has positive and negative sides to it such as all circumstances in life. For instance, a foster parent has to deal with several different people during the juvenile case for each child they foster. A foster parent must keep open communication with the Department of Child Safety and the fostering agency. In a few cases the foster parent would communicate with the biological parents in regards to the child or the D.C.S. caseworker would be a liaison between the foster parent and the biological parent. When it comes to the child, as a foster parent, the person is to “participate as a member of the treatment team working to strengthen and reunify…

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