Foster Children : Foster Care Essay examples

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Foster Children Deemed Unadoptable
Lisa is a teen who has been in foster care since she was born. She was placed in foster care because her parents sexually, physically, and emotionally abused her. Lisa has severe anxiety and anger issues because of this. Her issues worsened when she was placed in foster care because she did not know if she could trust her new foster parents. Many times, Lisa could not trust her foster parents because many of them did what Lisa’s biological parents did to her. Lashing out, screaming and stealing property has become a way of life for Lisa. Because of these behaviors, no one wanted to adopt her. When she was little, she used to dream of being adopted and being tucked into bed and sung to sleep. For a time, she thought her foster parents would treat her this way, but she was soon awakened by the harsh realities of the foster care life. Lisa soon started to lash out even more, so that she would not have to stay in foster care homes where she felt unsafe. Many of her therapists and social workers have already told her to get ready to go to independent living, which is an institutional home that helps teens transition from foster care to being an adult. Her therapists and social worker told her this because her behaviors were scaring away potential adoptive parents. This is to be Lisa’s future, because no one wants her because of her problems, but Lisa wants a family. She wants to be loved and nurtured in spite of her problems. Lisa actually…

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