Foster Care Within Social Work Essay

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Foster Care within Social Work Nationwide, more than 463,000 children live in foster care (Foster Care Statistics). Although, this number has declined since a peak in 1999 of 567,000 according to the Child Trends Data Bank (2014) it is still a reoccurring concern within society today. These children in the foster care system are sometimes left to fend for themselves once they have been placed in a surrounding that the social worker feels appropriate. This leaves children growing out of the system with numerous never ending problems leading them to a poor adult life style.
Foster care is a child welfare system for full-time service, to care for children whose parents are unable to care for them appropriately, that is publicly funded. These services are offered in all states that are normally directed through county social service departments (Everett, 2008). Children are placed into these services for numerous reasons. Most are due to the death of both parents and no relatives available to care for them; or the children are in the situation where the parents are unfit to care for the children and therefore are taken away for their own wellbeing by agencies such as Child Protective Services. Placement of children into foster care can be forgone due to a parent’s request for temporary help, court order, or legal actions (Everett, 2008). If and when social workers decide that the children are in an unsafe environment their goals within the foster care agencies are to…

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