Fossil Sources Of Fossil Fuels Essays

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Fossil fuels are “any combustible organic material, such as oil, coal, or natural gas, derived from the remains of former life. (n.d.). Retrieved November 10, 2015, from”. Fossil fuels were formed when living organism died millions of years ago, which were then trapped under the earth crust and thus brought us oil, coal, or natural gasses, which were then extracted from under the earth. After it goes through the heat and pressure of the earth, this process takes millions of years. They were plentiful when first discovered in “1,000 B.C, but it wasn 't until the arrival of the Industrial Revolution from the mid-1700s through the 1800s that coal began to replace biomass as the qprimary source of energy.” (The Secret World of Energy | Ecology Global Network. (2010, September 15). Retrieved November 10, 2015, from Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas are non-renewable for the reason that they are unable to reproduce, in addition to that our teacher stated “It’s like grabbing cookies out of a cookie jar, once all the cookies are gone there are no more cookies” just like non-renewable resources. In conclusion this making them scares and highly acquired sources of energy.
First non-renewable resource is Oil, also known as crude oil, can be found in the Earth 's crust like all non-renewable resources. Over a million years ago, sea plants and animals died and decomposed to the sea floor…

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