Fossil Sources Of Fossil Fuels Essay example

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Fossil fuels are a critical component in the functioning of our society. These resources are staples in maintaining the energized life styles that people have become used to. Fossil fuels are sources of energy derived from animal and plant remains from more than 300 million years ago (U.S. Department of Energy 2013). These remains were then coated with combinations of clay and rock called sediment (Energy Quest 2012). Sedimentary rock effectively protected the hydrocarbons in fossil fuels because it is inorganic and does not contain any carbon (NMOGA 2015). This applies pressure to the plants and animals as well as heating temperatures ranging 150-300 degrees Fahrenheit (NMOGA 2015). After millions of years the deceased plants and animals transform from their organic state to hydrocarbons (NMOGA 2015). There are three major forms of fossil fuels; coal, natural gas, and petroleum also known as crude oil. These energy sources were formed during what was called the Carboniferous period which gets its name from carbon, the basic element in fossil fuels (Energy Quest 2012). Different variations of fossil fuels were created based on what combination of plant and animal debris were present, as well as the amount of pressure and temperature the remains were subjected to over those millions of years (U.S. Department of Energy 2013). During the Mesozoic era, evaporation caused a drastic change in water levels. This in addition to years of pressure and temperatures ranging from…

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