Fossil Fuel Is Not Harmful For Human Health Essay

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Non renewable energy, such as fossil fuel, is used all over the world. Big part of the population assumes that fossil fuel is a reliable source of energy, easy to obtain, and is relatively cheap. What we know is that fossil fuel is a non renewable energy, which means that we can use it only once. Also, this burning fossils are not good for the environment and are the main reason of the global warming. In this era a lot of new technologies have been invented. Although not every created invention has been for good, renewable sources such as, solar, wind, and human power are a good alternative of energy. Despite some people thinking that solar energy isn’t helpful and it’s only a bad investment; solar energy is the best way to reduce the greenhouse gases and decelerate the global warming, also, is a good investment and it will help you save money in a short term, and unlike the burning fossil fuel, is not harmful for human’s health.

While some people still think that fossil fuel is a more reliable energy source that solar energy, they arguments are based only on the price of these fuels and the easy access that we have to obtain them; however, renewable sources are improving, they are becoming more affordable, and are gratifying. One of the advantages that we get from using solar energy is electricity, in addition, we can obtain hot water, heat, and light. The exterior of our planet collects 120,000 terawatts of sunlight, 20,000 times more energy than is needed in our world,…

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