Fortune Garments Case Study

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I. General information about Fortune Garment
- Fortune Garment is one of oldest trading group in Hong Kong, specialized in high quality clothing.
- A giant in fashion industry with over 3000 suppliers, an enormous machine needs thousands staffs from all over the world.
- The key of success: fast delivery, innovative design and reliable quality.
- Problems occurred in overseas plants, making bad effects on share price and need to analyze and solve them.
II. Problems of Fortune Garment
1. Quality control
a. Detail problems:
- Subsidiaries get materials from several suppliers. They can reduce their product cost, but the quality of material is usually poor.
 Effects
- The poor quality materials violence
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That can make the subsidiaries lose their clients.
b. Solutions:
- Improve the connection between customers and company +Various the methods of contact: Hotline, customer service line, email, phone, fax,.. and makes sure all of them work well all the times, no technical problems which can prevent the customers from contacting company.
+ Customer service staffs are trained well: They must know who can deal with the customers problems quickly and effectively, prevent the situation that clients have to pass one by one but their problems are not be solved.
+ Staffs needs to be trained well to deal with the customers’ needs and have ability to rank the emergency of each situation and set them in priority or not.
- Improve the communication inside the business: The complicated of transferring information system inside the company needs to fixed. They need to simplify the progress from receiving clients’ needs to solving them as much as possible.
3. Design
a. Details of problems:
- The company seems to lose it creative energy. The latest collection were judged as “boring, behind the times and with no appeal to fashion-conscious
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They are responsible in make sure the workers can work in safe condition with full protection, health care, insurance,.. This is directly controlled by this kind of department in head office.
+ The workers must aware of their fairly benefits, people who are in charge of protecting them, who/how they can report when their rights are invaded.
b. Wages
- Workers often get low salary due to the low local rates and are expected to work overtime without extra pay.
- Solutions:
+ About low wages : ………….
+ The same policies of extra pay for overtime working is necessary for all subsidiaries. Extra money can be a little unequal country by country. It’s unacceptable if the workers have to work without paying. Moreover, extra pay must be demonstrable in salary policies of each subsidiaries.
c. Office conditions
- Their office is overcrowded and badly ventilated
- Solutions: Upgrade the office????

d. Language barriers
- That problem is between foreign supervisors and local staffs. Due to the language barriers, staffs often misunderstand their supervisors instruction.
- Solutions: The company can encourage their staffs to improve their foreign languages (English,

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