Fort Sumter Importance

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Do you know where the first battle in the Civil War was located? That first battle was located at Fort Sumter, and was one of the most historic battles to ever happen on U.S. soil. Fort Sumter is located in South Carolina, which was a very important place to win because the state was undecided on which side to choose in the conflict. Many people do not realize the importance of this battle, and the conflicts leading up to it. Due to the major conflicts Fort Sumter brought it was definite the American Civil war would begin.
When Fort Sumter was first being built, it ran into many conflicts. Fort Sumter is an island in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina (A+E). The fort was built in 1829. The island is man made and was built with thousands of pounds of granite (A+E). Fort Sumter was a part of fifty forts that made up a coastal defense program made by congress in 1817(A+E). The island is 2.4
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Anderson was very limited to what he and his troops had to fight with. They only could shoot solid shot because they lacked fuses (the American Civil War). By March 1861 there were 3000 troops around Fort Sumter.(A+E). Many army bases in the South had already been taken by the confederate army. Many thought Fort Sumter was one of the only barriers left to get through to gain complete power (A+E). Around 1 p.m the American flag get shot down. They made a staff out of ramparts and the flag was hung again. (A+E) On April 14 the people of Charleston came to watch evacuation of Sumter (A+E). They made an agreement to let Anderson have a 100 gun salute while lowering the flag before leaving (A+E). During the ceremony on of the guns shot and killed private Daniel Hough, he was an emigrant to the U.S. from Ireland in 1849. Private Edward Galloway.(A+E). Supposedly Hough was buried at Fort Sumter but it hasn't been proven. (World History Group).All of the other men were taken by boat to relief ships right outside the harbor (World History

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