Fort Sumter : A Fortification Of An Island Essay

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Fort Sumter is a fortification of an island located in Charleston Port, South Carolina. Originally constructed as a coastal garrison in 1829. Fort Sumter is most famed for being the location of the first shots of the Civil War (1861-65). U.S. Major Robert Anderson occupied the fort in December 1860 despite the fact that the fort was still under construction. Following South Carolina’s withdrawal from the Union, initiating a standoff with the state’s militia army. When President Abraham Lincoln attempted to resupply the fort, Confederate General Beauregard bombed Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. After an exchange of artillery fire that lasted for 34 hours, Anderson and his 86 soldiers surrendered the fortress on April 13. Allied troops then took over Fort Sumter for nearly four years, surviving several bombardments by Union forces before deserting the garrison before William Sherman’s capture of Charleston in February 1865. At the end of Civil War, Fort Sumter was reinstated by the United States military and staffed during the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II (Lawton, 1911).
Major Robert Anderson commanded the two companies of federal troops that guarded Charleston Harbor. These companies were positioned at Fort Moultrie, which was an old fortification that faced the coastline. Realizing that Fort Moultrie was vulnerable to assaults, Major Anderson opted to relocate his troop to Fort Sumter, which had better defenses. South Carolina militia seized all the…

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