Fort Mcmurray Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The oil sands bring a large benefit to Alberta; so lots of people migrate to this city to seek for chances and a better life. However, with the continuing migrations and increasing demand for housing, the rental market cannot meet all people’s need (Bates, 2013). Also, due to the lack of land resources, fewer buildings are built; the supply is declined which increases the rental pressures. As a result, the scarcity of housing leads to a high accommodation cost. Secondly, people who work in Fort McMurray earn higher wages than people in other parts of Canada. Since people have more money to spend, which leads to an increase in inflation; manufacturers raise the general prices for goods. In addition, oil sands are mainly relied on natural gas, but with the growing demand for oil sands, the prices of natural gas are rising, which in turn results in an increasing in home heating cost (Beast & Hoberg, …show more content…
As a result of population expansion, Fort McMurray has experienced insufficiencies in infrastructure development, so the first suggestion is to construct a suitable infrastructure. In order to solve this problem, the government should pay attention to a proper water and waste water treatment plant, recreation facility, education facility, houses and road improvement (Tracey, n.d.). For example, the Highway 63 is also called the ‘highway of death’ because it is a single and crowded road, so there are many accidents (Dufresne, 2013); therefore, we should improve the highway system to reduce the risk. Once these basic installations are thorough, people can access a better life. The second suggestion is government should work on a long-term workforce program. Due to the big demand for labour force, teaching young students about Alberta’s growing oil and gas industry can increase their ambition on going into this profession (Tracey, n.d.). Then, when the working people are getting older, these skilled young adults can replace older people quickly to maintain the industry production (Tracey, n.d.). Thus, a long-term solution is necessary. The third suggestion is that the oil sands companies should make inventive capacity on technical breakthroughs for the environment. For example, in waste management, gasification can change petroleum coke to fuel gas and hydrogen source (Canada. National Energy Board, 2006).

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