Fort Bliss : The United States Army Essay

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Fort Bliss is a United States Army post that resides in El Paso, Texas. This fort has its place in history, which still stands between the borders of Mexico and the United States. Fort Bliss has become successful from its many contributions to the military and for our country. The evolution of Fort Bliss has altered throughout the years. It started from the day it was founded, its location, and its functions. It has performed many roles that have made it advantageous to the United States Army.
William Wallace Smith Bliss was a math educator who was drafted for the Mexican-American war. Bliss transferred into the Texas and Mexico area during his employment in the army. During his active duty of war, Bliss had received the title of a colonel. An online website, Wikipedia, states, “Bliss Served as an assistant professor of Mathematics at West point. As captain, he served as chief…” (William Wallace Smith Bliss). With all the contributions that Bliss has done to serve our country, he was acknowledged by having the post of El Paso renamed to Fort Bliss. Throughout the history of Fort Bliss, it has been moved into various locations, which has a significant purpose. The First site of Fort Bliss was in the post opposite El Paso Del Norte, which is now known as Juarez, Mexico. By the order of Colonel Edmund Alexander, Fort Bliss was moved to Magoffinsville. The order was placed as a barrier to guard against Apache Native Americans who were attacking the citizens. According to the…

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