Winston Groom's Influence On Forrest Gump

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Winston Groom, born in Washington, D.C. March 23, 1943, is a southern non-fiction writer and Novelist. “Winston Groom’s strong sense of place thrived on the day-to-day replenishment of Southern life and Southern people. Groom believes that Southerners make good storytellers because they are surrounded by families and friends who like to relate life 's experiences” (“Winston Groom…” np). With the help of friends and family, Winston Groom was able to write books and have confidence in his work due to the encouragement and support from others. This also made it easier for him to complete his work by knowing he would never write anything false. “The name of Winston Groom will forever be associated with the award-winning movie Forrest Gump. Groom …show more content…
Despite the fact that Forrest at an early age is considered to have a below average IQ of 75, he has a charming character and shows dedication to his friends and family and obligations, character qualities which bring him into numerous extraordinary circumstances. Along the way, he experiences numerous historical figures and events throughout his life (“Tropes…” np). In “Forrest Gump”, Jenny Curran is Forrest’s childhood sweetheart and was his only friend as a child. Forrest and Jenny spent a majority of their time together. “Jenny’s childhood was characterized by physical and sexual abuse from her alcoholic father. Jenny traveled down a road to nowhere in her many pursuits. She had no goals or final destination in mind. She lived by the seat of her pants. She led a whimsical, spontaneous life, but somewhere down the road she got lost” (“teach…np). Forrest spent a majority of his life looking after and protecting her even though he did not know about a majority of things that she did and that happened to her. Forrest’s main mind set was always trying to find Jenny and be with her even if he was busy in the world doing unbelievable things in his life. In “Forrest Gump”, Mrs. Gump raised Forrest by herself after his father abandoned them. Mrs. Gump always wanted the best for Forrest and did everything she could to help him succeed. Forrest always liked going home to see his mother and tell her stories of things he has done. “Later on Forrest gets a call that his mother is sick and he rushes home to find her in bed and she tells him that she is dying because it is her time and that Forrest must figure out for himself what his destiny is” (“imdb…” np). Forrest always talked highly of his mother by telling other people how smart of a woman she was. In “Forrest Gump”, Forrest meets his best friend Benjamin Buford

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