Forrest Gp: The Serendipity Of An Idiot

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Xinmeng Qiao
Dr. Murphy
Due Sunday, November 6th, 2016
The Serendipity of an Idiot James Berardinelli stated, “Since its theatrical release in the summer of 1994, Forrest Gump has become one of those movies seemingly everyone is familiar with. It 's a cultural touchstone with lines like ‘Life is a box of chocolates’ appearing everywhere from tee-shirts to greeting cards.” I admit that Forrest Gump is really popular and inspiring since I watched it so many times, especially when I am upset. Forrest Gump has encouraged me through my teen years till now. However, some people regard Forrest Gump as an unrealistic, ridiculous and bombastic story, because it is highly impossible when a so-called “idiot” undergoes so many historical
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However, in my opinion, the achievements of Gump had were merely from luck and fate. Besides those reasons, the only virtue, which led him to success, was that he steadfastly followed others’ words. When Gump was a child, he followed his mom’s words. He said in the army with passion, “To do whatever you tell me to do, Drill Sergeant.” During the Vietnam War, Gump remembered Jenny’s words, and ran away from a perilous situation. Thus, blindly following advices from others and avoiding unnecessary risks, Gump ultimately succeeded. Obviously, Gump is an apparent representation of American Conservatism. He is innocent, honest, ingenuous and submissive. He never attempted to be distinctive by doing exceptional things. Following rules, doing whatever he should do and working hard, Gump finally waited until the fortunes came to him. From Gump’s characteristic and his fate, we could obviously see the movie is aiming to promote the Conservatism in …show more content…
Although conservatism seemingly surpassed liberalism in the movie, I can still see the positive effects of liberalism on the character in the movie. In Forrest Gump, Jenny, despite being a tragedy of liberalism, encouraged Gump in her whole life. Because of the influences from Jenny, Gump found himself. He was running in his entire life, but ran before because his mom taught him, Jenny told him and Lieutenant Dan instructed him. However, after Jenny left, Gump ultimately ran for himself. This time, he was trying to catch the freedom, as well as Jenny did. Gump became a person who had his own self-knowledge at the end. Jenny dead, but left the heart of self-consciousness to Forrest Gump. Nowadays, because of the impact from countercultures and liberalism, conservative people can accept much more than they did before. Although countercultures were diminishing into a relatively small portion, they actually contributed to the establishment of a well-constructed and more balanced social value in America. Not behaving chaotically anymore, hippies, sexual liberation and Modern Civil Right Movement actually enriched the multi-culture of the United

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