Formative Assessments And Summative Assessments Essay

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In the United States, formative, and summative assessments play a large role in the education of today’s students. Summative tests are typically the biggest assessments of the year for students, teachers, and the district. In order to find out more information in regards to formative, and summative assessments, I interviewed Colette Alonge-Watz, a high school chemistry teacher. Colette has been teaching chemistry for 21 years in various schools, and for the past six years has been at Millbrook High School, in Millbrook New York. Colette prefers to use formative assessments frequently and summative assessments at the end of a big unit. For instance, she uses formative assessment in her classroom, such as do now’s, exit tickets, lab questions, and review homework questions in class on the white boards. She finds the need use a formative assessment twice a week, by giving the students a five question quiz on the notes, or the lab they have done that week. This helps her analyze what segments of the assessment the students understand, and what they aren’t. Over the past 21 years Colette has come across many regents exams, and state practice exam questions. She has utilized those questions, by placing them in her summative exams in class. In the interview Colette said, “I use assessments to inform me about students’ understanding. The more information I can gather on them, the better teacher I can be.” She explained to me how using the assessments help her interpret the…

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