Formal Norms : Norms, Mores, And Folkways Essay

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elves formally and informally through culture, these methods are norms, mores, and folkways. A norm is an established standard of behavior maintained by society and we have formal vs. informal norms. Formal norms are those that have been written down and that specific strict punishments are dictated for violators of these formal norms. Governments use formal norms known as laws to dictate social culture is society. Informal norms are a norm that is generally understood but not precisely recorded. Whereas folkways are a norm governing everyday behavior whose violation raises comparatively little concern. If you consider the simple process of greeting someone and offering your hand as a gesture of hello, shaking someones hand. You then expect the individual you are greeting to recipricate and shake your hand in return. This is a common folkway. Mores on the other hand are norms deemed highly necessary to the welfare of a society. For instance proper dress attire for school, work, or a funeral is something we can look at. It is not appropriate to wear revealing clothing to either of these types of events due to the fact it can cause a disturbance in the culture, it is not social executable and we know that and accept that. Cultures can be distinguished from one another by their various beliefs and behaviors that make up sects of our culture. A major distinguishable trait of various cultures is how they communicate. The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis states the role of language in…

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