Formal Mentoring Program For Tuscaloosa County School System Essay

791 Words May 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Teachers enter the profession with various levels of readiness and continue to learn on the job, especially in the beginning years. However, almost half of all beginning teachers will leave their classroom within the first five years of their teaching career (Phillips & Ingersoll, 2015). One factor contributing to this statistic is that many new teachers are not involved in a formal mentoring program (Grossman & Davis, 2012). This rings true for Tuscaloosa County School System. New teachers in Tuscaloosa County Schools participate in new teacher training that only consists of monthly meetings focused mainly on professionalism. Classroom management, discipline, teaching strategies, and implementation of Common Core standards are not a focus of this training, leaving new teachers just as uniformed as when they entered the classroom. This is evident in the school where I currently teach. New teachers are often given a set of keys to a classroom and left to tread water in the middle of the ocean for the next ten months with no floatation device. The only mentoring that takes place in my school involves veteran teachers volunteering to informally mentor new teachers, often times only entails showing a novice teacher how to use the copy machine or enter their grades in the computer. I have witnessed new teachers in need of help with basic classroom management and instructional planning, and some that need assistance with content knowledge and implementing Common Core…

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