Essay Formal Deviance And Its Effect On Society

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Who has not heard the word deviance and automatically thought of a child, who intentionally disobeys his or her parents; or imagines a teenager, who skips class with his or her friends? However, deviance goes beyond deliberately disobeying authority, or acting inappropriately in accordance to an individual’s cultural standards. Deviance is a behavior or belief that varies among cultures and undergoes changes that, at times, lead to the adaptation of previous unacceptable norms. Furthermore, a person has to differentiate between formal deviance, which are actions that violate the law and are of criminal nature, and informal deviance that infringes on the norms put in place by society. In general, the public is informed about such discrepancies via mass media, which has the power to elevate or demote formal and informal deviance, the perception of victims and the enforcement of justice.
My current perception of informal deviance has been predominantly instilled by my immediate family as well as through my social network, such as friends and co-workers. I was taught by my parents that disrespect, especially towards my elders and teachers, dishonesty and dressing inappropriately will result in unfavorable sanctions. Furthermore, inviting friends to the house or going to a friend’s house without prior consent, especially when no adult was present, was against the rules. Also a breach in curfew and listening to loud music that inconvenienced the neighbors was unacceptable.…

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