Essay on Formal Analysis At The Met

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As time goes on we, as human beings, are always changing. Countries grow, languages die and new trends emerge as cultures evolve. However, as much as things change throughout history a lot can remain the same, or reoccur in the same way. Meaning that something like style, for example, often will take ideas and/or concepts from a previous time and use it again in a very similar yet new way. As the saying goes, “history tends to repeat itself.” This is a very true statement whereas history does ten to repeat itself in a way, especially through artwork. Art as a whole is a major part of culture. It’s used to portray, convey, reflect and worship. The following two sculptures from different dynasties in ancient Egypt display this point perfectly. The Seated scribe from the Fourth Dynasty, 2500 BCE displays a sculpture of a man seated cross-legged on the floor. The sculpture itself is carved from limestone, however it is painted over giving it much more of a life-like feel. The skin of the scribe is painted a tannish orange while the skirt and scroll the scribe is holding are white, making for great contrast in color. The eyebrows seem to be painted over in a shade of red-brown and the hair, pupils and eyeliner are all painted black. Even the whites of the scribe’s eyes are painted over in what seems to be the same white as the skirt and scroll. The man is seated in a very upright position with his attention very straight…

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