Essay on Foriegn Country Report

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12 Post Street
Houston Texas 77000
(713) 555-9781

September 18, 2012

M-Global, Inc.
12 Post Street
Houston TX 79224

ATTENTION: Mr. Wilkinson, CEO

WELDON, NC 27890

Introductory Summary You recently asked me to investigate India for the possibility of opening a branch overseas. I have researched India and came to the conclusion that it would be a great location to open a branch of the M-Global Corporation. There are many reasons why outsourcing to India is good for our business. This report presents the reasoning behind my decision.

Economy Since the early 90’s India has opened its economy, and allows foreign investment in most industries. Over the last 25 years the Indian
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Shaking hands is also am acceptable way to greet people. Refrain from greeting people with hugs and kisses. Shaking hands with women is not universally accepted in Indian society. It is not acceptable to point with your finger. You should use your palm or chin. It is normal in Indian culture to talk with their hands. Folded hands, or hands in your pocket while talking are likely to be perceived as arrogant gestures. Talking with women who are alone is not advisable. Seniority, age and authority are respected in India, both in business and in public life.

Business A large part of Indian businesses are family-owned. The Business culture can be a bit diverse between the different sectors, such as government and public. The public sector seems to have more flexibility. There also can be regional differences in business etiquette. Presenting and exchanging business cards are a necessary part of doing business in India. English is the most common language for conducting business, and therefore, it is not necessary to get your card translated. Indians have been doing business with well-known global companies for decades and are comfortable and open to negotiation. Though its importance may vary across regions and sectors, hierarchy matters in India. It is advisable to get your fist appointment with the person who is high in authority. Meetings usually stat with no-work related

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