Forgotten Wars And Flowers By Aaron Hughes Essay

1579 Words Oct 31st, 2016 7 Pages
Forgotten Wars & Flowers I really didn’t know what to go to when I was thinking about this paper, so I checked out the Rita website and decided to go to the Fine Arts Gallery because they had new art work up. The title of the gallery was ‘Forgotten Wars & Flowers’ the artist is Aaron Hughes with collaborator Amber Ginsburg. I thought the name of the gallery sounded really neat, I was expecting huge oil paintings of fascinating flowers inside of large army tanks representing the lost lives in the wars for the pieces of art. I went on October 27th after my English class just past noon and when I got there the art work I saw was small little pencil drawings and I was extremely disappointed with my decision to go to the gallery. When I walked in to the gallery I noticed the stark walls, sleek grey concrete floors and how the lighting had a certain mood to it. I also proceeded to notice how on the walls they had three staggered rows of small paintings, approximately an eight by eleven piece of paper framed and hung. I walked down the few little stairs and looked carefully at the different pieces they had, some were pencil drawings and some were water color and others were a combination of both. They were all very small compared to some paintings and things I’ve seen before inside of an art museum. On the wall the paintings were grouped in two but hung one at a time, kind of like having a painting cut in half and split into two ‘separate’ ones. The pieces were not very busy…

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