Forgiveness, Mercy And Humility And Love In The Bible

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In our marriage relationship—and really in any endeavor—we all fall short. In fact, the Bible proclaims that “for all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans, 3:23, King James Version). Understanding this reality is important to approaching a conflict with humility. Realizing that we have erred greatly against God, yet He chooses to forgive and extend mercy is a lofty example of how we should be doing the same. Because of this reality, we should be doing the same. Even more, there is a parable in the Word of God that discusses a king who forgave his servant of an insurmountable debt. The scriptures note that the king was originally going to sell the servant’s family to pay it off, but because this servant begged for mercy, the king had compassion and forgave him. However, later, the servant came across another fellow that owed him a much smaller debt. The servant did not extend the same mercy that he received, and punished the fellow who owed him the debt. The parable concludes with the king hearing of this great injustice and delivering the servant to the tormentors to be punished. I believe this story is synonymous with how we should be walking in relationship with one another. Forgiveness, mercy and humility are values that we are to cultivate in any relationship situation—incessantly. …show more content…
First, when we engage in a consistent state of confession and forgiveness, we are modeling behavior that our God commands to all people. As mentioned, the example of the King forgiving his servant demonstrates that because our debt is so great, we should adopt a practice of immediate forgiveness when in conflict with others. So great is this command, that the scriptures note that “if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive yours” (Matthew 6:15, Berean Study

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