Forgiveness Is A Seed For War Essay

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“Anger is a seed for war. Forgiveness is a seed for peace” (“About Forgiveness”). This courageous quote is from Eva Kor. Eva Kor and her twin sister, Miriam, were born in 1934 in Romania. Kor’s village was occupied by Nazi troops in 1940. Her family lived under occupation until 1944 when they were transported to a local ghetto. A few weeks after their arrival at the ghetto, her family was packed into a cattle cart and shipped to Auschwitz-Birkenau (“Eva Kor”). At Auschwitz-Birkenau, Eva and Miriam were taken from their family and forced to participate in the Mengele experiments. Mengele performed experiments on thousands of kids and the majority of them died. However, Eva and Miriam were able to stay alive long enough to see liberation (“Eva Kor”). Decades later, Kor has professed her forgiveness to the Nazis in an attempt to free herself from the pain and suffering that holding grudges can cause. Kor’s advocacy for forgiveness is courageous and essential. Forgiving those involved in the wicked actions performed against a wide-array of groups is important for several reasons. These reasons are that it is a way of healing, forgiving is not forgetting, and it is a personal act that has extraordinary benefits. “Forgiveness is a way of healing oneself from pain, trauma, and/or tragedy. It is a means of self-liberation and self-empowerment” (“About Forgiveness”). This is a quote from Eva Kor. Forgiving those perpetrators involved in the Holocaust is a highly controversial…

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