Forever 21: Too Good to Be True? Essay

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Too Good To Be True?
Forever 21 and its Illegal and Immoral Policies After a recent shopping spree at Forever 21, the many hours spent perusing the rakes brought continuous amazement at the low prices found on the tags. How could clothes this trendy and fashionable possibly come at such a reasonable price? This question was quickly followed by an unsettling yet painfully obvious thought. Sweatshops. To me, there was no other explanation as to how one of the world’s most popular clothing stores for young woman could provide such a marked down price to its customers. The stylish knockoffs became to me what they had always been, too good to be true. Upon returning from my long day of shopping, I decided to dig a bit deeper into this
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Since fashion is clothing and legally considered a “useful article” it is not eligible for copyright protection. This new bill would allow fashion designs copyright protection for a three year term. Part of this bill mandates that a searchable database of designs be maintained by the US Office of Copyrights. Can you imagine all of the paperwork and red-tape involved every time you design a new style, just to insure you won’t be sued? Or having to search a database of hundreds of thousands of designs to make sure that your original idea doesn’t look “legally” similar to someone else’s? Needless to say this bill was not passed and the copyright infringements keep piling up. In past shopping trips to Forever 21 I noticed a Bible verse, John 3:16, printed on the bottom of the bags. I had never put much thought into why exactly that was printed on the bags but rather took it as just an interesting little tidbit of the day. Once learning more about Mr. and Mrs. Chang I learned that they are devout Christians who often attend 5:30 a.m. prayer services and have given millions to their church. This, in and of itself, is not a big deal, however they have been accused of discriminating against employees and workers based on religion. Mrs. Chang has been known to take young designers and send them on Christian missions and if they become “born

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