Essay on Forest Thinning And Forest Fires

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Forest Thinning and Forest Fires Forest Thinning exists in most forests in the United States, and many overseas. The act of forest thinning is cutting down trees and removing foliage from forests in order to make them uncluttered. This action is commonly referred to as “logging.” Some people believe that uncluttering forests helps in the prevention of forest fires, along with other benefits such as making the forests appear cleaner. Other people argue that forest thinning is the primary initiator of forest fires due to the absence of protection from sunlight and the increase in small plants on forest floors. There are many debates on whether to continue logging, discontinue logging, or find an alternative to logging.
Natural Resource Management Specialist of Incline, Nevada, John Christopherson, believes that forest thinning is a positive thing, and that by clearing forests we are creating a defense mechanism.
“Thinning can also be an effective tool for wildfire hazard reduction through the creation of defensible space. Defensible space refers to an area surrounding a house or neighborhood where the vegetation has been modified to reduce wildfire threat and which provides an opportunity for firefighters to work effectively and safely” (Christopherson 1).
Christopherson explains that if forests are thinned, firefighters are capable of intervening in wildfires more easily, therefore keeping surrounding residents defended. Contrarily, the anonymous author of the article,…

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