Shawshank Redemption Vs Forrest Gump

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Forrest Gump” release date July 6, 1994.

An overwhelming adventure looking over years of American history through the optics of the highly charismatic simpleton Forrest Gump.

Forest Gump is an incredible movie directed by Robert Zemeckis. The Film Stars Tom Hanks which won Tom an academy award for best actor for the second year in a row, Forrest Gump also won best picture in 1995, the movie has won six awards and been nominated thirteen times. It was competing with Pulp Fiction and Shawshank Redemption at the time of its release, which were also very prodigious films, ahead of their time. Should of Forest Gump won awards over these two films? I’m not sure, these movies were on an entire different wavelength and nevertheless Forest Gump is
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He sits upright in one stern position and begins to recite stories of his childhood right through to his adult years, to other people who come and go while waiting for their bus. Forest Gump has many well-known quotations and scenes, for example, the quote he opens with while sitting on the bench in the middle of Chippewa Square:

“My momma always said”, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”

This scene is not the most iconic, there are others like when Gump has his leg braces on and he is running away from the ‘bullies’, the leg braces shatter into pieces and then you get the famous line from his childhood friend Jenny “Run Forrest Run” that everyone used to refer to when I was growing up as a comical joke. For example, if you were running after a football or running away from someone and people happened to be watching you, it was guaranteed someone would call out the saying.

The core aspect of this film is Forrest’s overwhelming admiration of this girl called Jenny played by Robin Wright, she was his first friend and they were inseparable at childhood like “Peas and

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