Foreshadowing In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The novel “The Great Gatsby,” is set during the Roaring twenties in which many people were able to attain sustainable wealth in a time were many of the Americans in the east were in dizzying party moments. Women started to change social standards for themselves. A person from any social background could make a fortune, but the American families with old money scorned the newly rich. The narrator of the story is Nick Caraway he tells the story in both the first and third person point of view. He moves to New York to sell bonds and buys a small house in West egg next to an infamous man Mr. Gatsby. Unlike in counterparts in West egg Nick comes from a wealthy family and was educated at Yale he has friends and family that live on East egg. The couple most mention are his friend Tom and cousin Daisy the Buchanan’s. He goes over to their place for dinner it is there where he is introduced to another …show more content…
“His gorgeous pink rag of a suit made a bright spot of color against the white steps.” Chapter 8 page 165. Fitzgerald first introduces Mr. Gatsby into the scene wearing a pink colored suit, the color pink can be used to symbolize life or blood. This foreshadows that Mr. Gatsby will either lose some blood or he will die. Fitzgerald’s first intimation of approaching tubule came from his narrator Nick, “I couldn’t sleep all night ... I tossed half-sick between grotesque reality and savage frightening dreams. Toward dawn I heard a taxi go up Gatsby’s drive and immediately I jumped out of bed …I felt that I had … something to warn him about and morning would be too late” chapter 8 page 157. Fitzgerald uses dreams and restlessness as a foreshadowing to an approaching critical event and the fact that Nick had to run to Mr. Gatsby gave further suspicions that the event will occur to Mr. Gatsby

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