Forensic Science : Criminal Investigation And Trial Essay

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Forensic science dates back to 44BC with the first recorded autopsy being of Julius Caesar. Forensic science is “any science used for the purposes of the law, and therefore provides impartial scientific evidence for use in the courts of law, e.g. in a criminal investigation and trial.” Forensic science uses the evidence collected at the scene of a crime to help in the conviction of the criminal who committed the crime. There have been many technological advances in forensic science as time has progressed. The nineteenth century is when forensic science started to be revolutionized and progress to the form of forensics used today. The advances in forensic technology aided in the conviction of John Taylor through the use of canine DNA profiling 2001. The case of Leanne Tiernan was the first case that used DNA profiling of a canine to solve a case that also led to a conviction. This case made a significant step forward for forensic technology by pushing the justice system to new standards.
The history of forensic science dates all the way back to 44BC and history is still being made in the field of forensic science today. The history of forensics has changed significantly in the years since it was developed. Edson states, “In the 1540’s the French doctor Ambroise Paré laid the foundations for modern forensic pathology through his study of trauma on human organs.” Today the study of trauma on human organs is one of the most important tools for a forensic pathologist. Edson…

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