Forensic Science And The Crime Scene Essay

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Dr. P.C.H. Brouardel once said ¨If the law has made you a witness, remain a man of science. You have no victim to avenge, no guilty or innocent person to convict or save - you must bear testimony within - the limits of science¨ (¨American Academy of Forensic Science¨). Forensic scientists examine and analyzes the evidence that the police and other officials have collected from the crime scene. They do that to figure out what happened to the victim, how it happened and who did it, to the victim. Ever heard of Sherlock Holmes? He was a fictional character that was a private detective. He came out in the 1800s. He was known for using forensic science, but during that time they didn 't have many forensic science techniques. That 's why a large amount of crimes was not solved because they did not have many forensic science techniques. Today forensic science is very advanced than when it first began, anyone interested in the field needs to have the right training, skills, education, and to know the difference between TV and reality of forensic science.
Forensic in Latin means ¨public forum¨ which refers to anything to do with courts of law. Forensic science uncovers details about a piece of evidence and helps the police understand what took place at the crime scene. Forensic science began at an early time. The first forensic book was written in 1248 in China. The book was called ¨Hsi Duan Yu¨ The washing away of wrongs. In 1590 Hollands Zacharias Janssen created the world 's…

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