Forensic Science And Crime Scene Investigation Essay

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Crime Scene Investigation
This is defined as the identification, collection, deduction and analysis of physical evidence collected from a crime scene on order to effectively solve crimes by properly trained and equipped investigators. Criminal scene personnel usually entail crime scene analysts, forensic scientists, foreign investigators, evidence technicians among others. For one to become a member of crime scene investigation they should hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in forensic science or crime scene investigation or related courses such as criminal justice having specialized in forensic science.
Several guidelines have been established for proper conduct and carrying out of these preliminary investigations. These guidelines are based on the key principle of Locard’s exchange principle. This principle postulates that whenever someone enters or exits an environment, something physical is added to and is removed from the scene and thus emphasizes on due diligence, care and thoroughness. An investigator must generate as many relevant theories as he can from the witness statements as well physical evidence collected to avoid making rush decisions and action which may lead to a dead end or the wrong one altogether. It is prudent to record and or document crime scene observations and conditions immediately it is discovered. This to ensure that it is not lost or interfered with which could be detrimental to solving the case at hand in accordance to the rule of law.…

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