Forensic Research : Forensic Science Essay

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Forensic science needs many improvements to move the practice forward. The National Academy of Sciences forensic committee has expressed recommendations for forensic science in the Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward paper, that will be summarized through this paper (National Research Council, 2009). The goal was to assess the present and future resources needed, recommendations to maximize the use of techniques, support best guidelines and practices, ensure consistency and quality of technology related to forensics, and make recommendations that will help create more qualified forensic examiners.
The findings showed that the system was having issue with forensic practices and a lack of governance, a lack of scientific research that show that forensic methods are valid, and a lack of interdisciplinary research to support forensics. It was also uncovered there is need for more research focused on innovation and technology, as well as adequate training of practitioners. There is also a need for certification requirements for forensic analysts and laboratories.
Forensic Recommendations
A recommendation made was to promote forensics into a mature science that uses multidisciplinary research. This would help congress create funds to create the National Institute of Forensic Science that would collect and analyze data and support multidisciplinary practice and research. This agency would focus with creating educational programs to improve…

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