Essay on Forensic Psychology

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Lacey Smith
January 20, 2015
CJ 233: Forensic Psychology
Professor Araujo
Unit 9 Final Project

I have a client in which has been committed to the psychiatric facility for a restoration of competency. This was after the judge in his case determined that he was not competent enough to stand trial and was sentenced to the psychiatric facility for treatment. The client has been here at the facility for three months now and the judge has ordered for a new competency evaluation to be completed. In order to complete the evaluation I need to know exactly why my client has been brought here. I understand that he was on trial for murder but I need to know more about the case so I need to read his file because I feel as though I should
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I know that I need to interview people who knew Edward really good in order for me to get to know more about him and to also ask them for any information that could be used to help determine the competency of Edward. I would want to interview any family members, neighbors, and friends to find out more about Edward. I would also want to interview the police officers and the witnesses in order to get a better understanding of exactly how Edward was acting and talking on the night of the murders. I feel that by interviewing these individuals then they will be able to inform me more about Edward as he was growing up. I believe that because of his low IQ that there might be some developmental problem or other problem in which could play a factor in determining Edward’s competency. In order to determine whether an individual is competent enough to stand trial you must know the definition of competency and you must understand the standards that are used when determining competency. “If a person is unable to properly defend themselves in court due to mental or physical disorder, they may have their court date postponed on grounds of incompetency to stand trial.” (Roesch, 2010). The first case that involved the competent to stand trial motion was Dusky versus the United States in which it was stated that the defendant must “have sufficient ability to

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