Essay on Forensic Psychology

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When a person is asked what their idea of what a psychologist is, they might automatically think or respond “a therapist”. In reality, many psychologists also work as teachers, consultants, researchers, etc. across many different job sectors (Huffman, 2009). Some specialty areas of psychology include clinical, developmental, experimental, forensic, and social, among others. The field of psychology I chose to explore a little further is that of forensic psychology. According to Huffman (2009), this field applies the principles of psychology to the legal system, including jury selection and psychological profiling. Forensic psychology is not just what we see portrayed on TV shows or in movies. These types of media make us think that a …show more content…
In order to meet the demand, more psychologists need to be trained in the specialized areas necessary to practice in this field. Many psychologists may feel that they are sufficiently educated to venture into the areas of forensic psychology. In reality, if not properly trained, they may risk doing more harm than good. Packer (2008) states that, in addition to basic clinical training in psychology, a forensic psychologist should also have specialized knowledge of the law and how the legal system works. Another thing psychologists have to remember is that in these types of cases, they are not working for the individual. They now have to adapt their way of evaluating the individual, as they are reporting their findings to the court. This means they cannot adopt the role of “helper”, as is customary in the psychology profession. So, what does this mean for the future of this profession? Since there is such a demand for forensic psychologists, more internship programs have been developed around the country to provide the college psychology majors with an opportunity to further their study in this field. It is highly recommended though, that if one wants a career in forensic psychology they should apply to a postdoctoral residency to get the appropriate training to be consider an “expert” in the field. This was a broad explanation about the field of forensic psychology. Since it is a topic that I enjoyed learning about, I will continue to research

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