Forensic Psychology Profiling Paper

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Profiling Paper

The law defines rape as sexual contact with a non-consenting person. Being convicted of rape yields charges ranging from a misdemeanor to felony. There are four classifications of rapist: power reassurance, anger retaliation, power assertive, and sadistic. Each type of rapist has different goals and influences that make them carry out the attack. Power reassurance rapists, as most rapist profiles do, have a pretty specific profile. Very often, they are single, passive, non-athletic people who live with their parents, do not have sex partners and few if any friends, and work menial jobs. Power reassurance rapists seek validation. This validation elevates their “status.” Power reassurance rapists also seek to validate
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These attackers are arrogant…they do not attempt to conceal their identity. With a compulsive need to rape, their desire is to afflict power on the victim through brutal anal then oral attacks. Attacks often occur at night on victims of the same age and race. The rapists don’t ware a mask and con the victim. Violence is often educated when the attacker has difficulty ejaculating…which happens frequently. A histrionic and flirtatious character, power assertive rapists are usually poorly educated/high school dropouts who were physically abused and come from general family dysfunction. Typically athletic with “macho” jobs, they may have a history of property crime, domestic problems and even dishonorable military discharge. The most violent and dangerous rapists are sadistic rapists. The must completely dominate the victim, inflicting maximum physical and emotional pain. This aggressiveness often is eroticized and results in murder. While sadistic rapists share several personal qualities with other types of rapists such as family dysfunction and physical, the rest of the profile is quite different. They tend to be intelligent, highly educated people between 30 and 39 years of age with white-collar occupations with no arrests. These attackers, from sexually deviant homes, stalk their victims and devise strong plans. Age, race, and cycles vary. They degrade and humiliate their victims and use a variety of sexual

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