Essay about Forensic Psychology And The Criminal Justice System

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Forensic psychology is one of the newest and largest expanding specialties in psychology and the criminal justice system. Psychology, known as the science of mental processes and behaviors paired with forensic, in its smallest form means different scientific techniques or tests, concludes the profession of forensic psychology. But, in order for professionals in this specialty to evaluate and accurately process based upon evidence, evaluations, and assessments, they must have both the foundation of knowledge in psychology and criminal justice or law. Bartol and Bartol (2012) state a huge benchmark in the field of forensic psychology: “In 1921, the State vs. Driver case was the first time an American Psychologist testified in a courtroom as an expert witness.” This specific case was a huge turn in the credibility of forensic psychologist in regards to a material witness and psychology within the criminal justice system. Another very important event to help shape the field of psychology was in 1918, when the first detention center hired a full-time correctional psychologist. These major events not only helped to shape forensic psychology but also helped make way for different specialties within the field. Forensic psychologist have been evaluating inmates, assisting law enforcement, and testifying as credible material witnesses since the early 1900’s. In the 1900’s many landmarks in this field helped to pave the way of and the importance of a forensic psychology specialist. A…

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