Essay on Forensic Psychologists And The Criminal Justice System

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What Forensic Psychologists Do Forensic psychologists use psychological principles in legal issues (American Psychological Association, 2011). The field is concerned with a various amount of legal problems of a psychological nature (Reber, 2001). These psychologists typically provide second opinions in legal debates and diagnose crime victims (Cherry, 2015). When forces under the law are unable to determine a reason behind a crime, a forensic can provide psychotherapy to evaluate the mindset of the criminal during the crime (All Psychology Schools, 2015). Once the professional gathers the information needed, one can testify in a court case and assist the choosing of a verdict.

Work Environment Since forensic psychologists work within the criminal justice system, the psychologists job placement is in those where other criminal justice professionals perform. Places one may see this type of psychologist working include, prisons, police departments, rehabilitation centers, law firms, government agencies, or even in a private practice (Mauro, 2010). Forensics may appear in court to give a testimony or in an interrogation room to analyze reasons for a crime. Many other psychologists partner with forensics psychologists to uncover problems with patients (Sumanasiri, 2012). The psychologist interacts with similar individuals as any other

Educational Requirements To become any type of psychologists, a college degree is required. Usually one must earn a doctoral degree in…

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