Forensic Pathology Essay

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Forensic Pathology

Have you ever just wanted to come home from a long days at work and kick off your shoes and grab some food and pig out in front of the television? You began to flick through all the channels and can’t find what you are looking for so you come to CSI Miami and this had caught your attention and now you’re toned in and intrigued of what they are doing. You find yourself yelling at the T.V. saying “how they do that?” “What is that?” “Why are they doing that?” and “how did they solve the case?” Well as you began to read further all of your questions will be answered, and you will see the real from the fake and what exactly a forensic pathologist is and as well as what it takes to become one. You will learn the ins and
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Not only do we expect a lot from them but we also do not really know how much it takes to actually become a forensic pathologist. Have you ever wondered how a forensic pathologist knows exactly how to make the correct incisions on the deceased bodies and how they know what to look for? You must know that they just don’t go off of instinct and guesses. There is extensive schooling and training that goes into becoming a forensic pathologist. The training that is involved is things such as toxicology, fire arms and ballistics, trace evidence, blood analysis as well as DNA technology. Far as going to school for this type of career does not just include high school and some college, there is medical school as well. You have to be a very dedicated individual and really have an interest in this field or else this is not the career for you. It takes a total of 13-15 years of schooling and that is including the training that goes with it. The type of person it takes to be a forensic pathologist has to have a combination of certain and particular characteristics that will equal up to not only a good but great forensic pathologist. There has also got to be a great deal and amount of talent and interest in science including, physics, chemistry, social sciences, and biology. There has to be impeccable communication skills because, with this job there will be and a lot of communication going on not only

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