Case Study Of Forensic Anthropology

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1. In the presentation conducted by Dr. Tracey Rogers (2015), the purpose of a forensic anthropologist was to determine if the bones found in the cemetery had any forensic significance, since only a forensic anthropologist can determine this.

2a. Dr. Tracey Rogers (2015) stated in Ontario, forensic anthropologist serve as consultants for Ontario Forensic Pathology Service in regards to autopsies.

b. The police, a pathologist or a coroner may request involvement of a forensic anthropologist (Rogers 2015).

c. Other cases that include a forensic anthropologist is the ability to identify victims such as through a mass disaster using the bones found and facial reconstruction (Saferstein 2014: 114-117).

3a. The bone was found on a Monday, however
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From the example of forensically significant bones would be in a farmer’s field, the bones found while seeding the soil could be potentially significant if it was human, looked recent for example if it was there was tissue still decomposing and maybe artifacts associated to the time period with the bones, for example an IPhone 6. This would imply forensic significance if confirmed by a forensic anthropologist. However, finding an undocumented historic gravesite would not necessarily forensically significant because if it was over sixty-five years ago, the perpetuator may not be held accountable if even alive still.

6a. The purpose of a case report presentation at a conference is to emphasize the importance of keeping an open mind and critically think in a case to avoid assumptions and simple mistakes and determining forensic significance in a forensic case (Rogers 2015).

b. Two lessons that can be learned from this case would be to make sure to have an open mind because if not, then it affect the crime scene as for example in the case study, it would be easy to have a bias of the bones would not be significant if it was found in a cemetery. Secondly, it is more important to think and critical plan because the deconstruction process of a crime scene can be damaging and if the necessary procedures are not done properly, the case may have little impact in obtaining

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