Forensic Investigation On The Crime Scene Investigation Essay examples

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Forensic investigation not only aids to the detection of criminals and their prosecution, it is also a huge deterrent for committing a criminal act due to the sophistication and thorough analysis of the smallest amount of DNA. This knowledge is widely publicised through popular drama television shows such as "Crime Scene Investigation". But, since the privatisation of Britons state-run forensics science services in 2012 which was deemed the best in the world, the police have lost a great asset to secure convictions and manage crime. Peachey (2015) reports spending has been cut by £20 million on forensic examinations over the last two years, with the possibility of a miscarriage of justice as there is a reduction in the analysing of DNA samples due to budget cuts. A forensic investigator for the North West explained on a Post Incident Forensic Management course (2013), at low-level crime scenes forensic evidence may be taken, but not analysed due to the cost versus the seriousness of the crime. He continued to add the police investigators today have fingerprint detection and mobile-phone GPS information at their disposal, therefore leaving your phone at home and wearing gloves makes it harder to be arrested. The reduction and use of the forensic science services are detrimental to crime management, by reducing the ability to make arrests and successful prosecution.

If the fear of arrest is absent then to reduce crime, we must take away the need to commit the crime.…

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