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The analysis of Foremostco Inc case

From the case we know that Foremostco Inc had a very heavy loss in the business. Because of the mistakes existing in the newly developing program, the computer system was not doing what it was supposed to do and also almost all the important documents were printing out blank, as well as the orders. So a great number of customers felt angry and unforgivable since they did not receive their orders or they were not even billed at all. As a result, Foremostco Inc lost many important customers because they felt angry and disappointed about the Foremostco Inc. Besides, Foremostco Inc also lost a lot of money for developing the damaged and unworkable program. In a word, it was an "Expensive Lesson" for
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The key to Foremostco's business is matching production to the needs of their customers. And the primary challenge of the business is handling the logistics surrounding unpredictable production and order matching. So it is important for Foremostco to have a new system which contains the business logic required to help Foremostco manipulate the various fields of purchase order. With the requirement, Foremostco need to consider carefully how to develop the new system. When to make the decision, some factors should be involved: the cost, the time period, the difficulty and the adaptability. From the case we can see that Foremostco failed to consider all the factors carefully before making the decision So they did not choose the most suitable way for them to develop the new system and that is the key point to lead their final failure. Because Foremostco is not a IT company, so they do not need to consider the new system form an IT point of view and also there is no need and no strength for them to create the system from scratch because they just need a customized management tool to help them arrange the orders and they actually do not have enough technical support to finish it within a short time. So a feasible way for Foremostco is creating the new system program based on a standard package and adding some modules and customized functions they need into the package. After having the goal and knowing how to develop it in general, the

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