Foreign Policy And The Cold War Essay

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Mandelbaum believes that U.S foreign Policy has failed since the end of the cold war through different factors. Mandelbaum makes a strong case ideologically crusading into regime change, which invariably fails regardless of how virtuous the intent is. We first need to define what foreign policy and the cold war is in order to evaluate Mandelbaum and whether he thinks U.S. foreign policy has failed or not. He mentions that the years of 1991-2014 were very distinct from any previous period in American history and prior to this odd time period, the U.S foreign policy focused on the nation 's security, rather than transforming other countries’ domestic arrangements. Foreign Policy or foreign affairs is explained as a government’s strategy in dealing with other nations to safeguard its national interests to achieve certain goals within its international relations(CITE). The Cold war is explained as a state in which there is political hostility between countries characterized by threats, propaganda and other measures short of open warfare (CITE). An example of the cold war is when there was a state of political hostility that existed between the soviet bloc countries and the US-led western powers from 1945-1990. We can see as Mandelbaum looks at the American administration under Clinton, George W bush and Barack Obama in which he states that all three missions failed. After the Cold War ended, US foreign policy was described as a series of humanitarian or democratizing missions,…

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