Foreign Policies And The Middle East Essay

1797 Words Jul 26th, 2015 8 Pages
Today, the Middle East has become more dysfunctional due to various Countries changing governments, others becoming more chaotic, but what most Middle Eastern countries have in common is that they don’t like Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu has affected not only the Middle East, but America as well. Today, the United States is at a stand still with Israel as opposed to many years when they shared their views of enemies. With the current U.S. Foreign policies and the reelection of Prime Minister Netanyahu it seems that this friendship and closest allies might be separating. Depending what the next few months bring it will determine whether Israel remains close with the U.S. or will this once unbreakable friendship can be pulled apart.
With the recent talks with the U.S. and Iran over a possible nuclear deal, this has brought much discontent with Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. Benjamin Netanyahu believes that this deal with Iran will ultimately bring the end of Israel, while the United States president Barrack Obama believes that this will bring a new era of peace and nuclear free weapons in Iran for the next 10 – 15 years. As Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barrack Obama having their opposing views with the United States and Iran deal there is some concern to be had. Benjamin Netanyahu believes that this deal will give Iran the power to continue work with their nuclear program and finish their long and awaited nuclear…

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