Foreign Policies And Foreign Policy Essay

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Foreign policy is essentially the way in which a government deals with other governments and is typically a reflection of that nation’s interest or the values of the people. For this reason, there is often quite a lot of debacle over foreign policy, changing when there is either a liberal or a conservative administration. There are two primary approaches to dealing with foreign policy, realism and idealism. Realism is the idea that national interest and safety is put above moral principles whereas idealism is the idea that foreign policy must reflect those moral principles. I believe that an idealistic foreign policy is best suited for the United States at this moment in time because it will dissuade accusations of hypocrisy, stabilize the nation-states, and create a more civil way to handle conflicts. Due to the aforementioned debacle over foreign policy, the United States has changed policies many times over the course of its history. Since the debut of the United States as a world power and journey into internationalism after the World Wars, presidents have used executive agreements to undo what previous presidents have done. For example, George W. Bush implemented “realist” policies while current President Obama now has an “idealist” foreign policy. Another example of such is our interaction with the Arabs. The United States has turned its eyes away from dictatorships like Iraq, Syria, and Libya. It may have seemed our previous support was only for their oil or in…

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