Foreign Language Study Improves Cognitive Abilities Essay

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Six-year-old kids would start their adventure with the education system in Serbia. It is required for all the kids to go and educate themselves. Before they go to the school children would have to take different tests, so child psychologist could see if they are ready to go to the school. Elementary school is eight years long in Serbia. First two grades it would be really easy for all the children. They would not have a lot of homework to do whenever they come back from the school. But in the third grade everybody has to take English as a second language. “Research shows that foreign language study improves cognitive abilities, positively influences achievement in other disciplines, and results in higher achievement test scores, especially when study of a second language begins in the elementary school years.” (Stewert 2005) Everybody says that the fifth grade is the hardest one, because that would be a first year to take physics and students are getting a bunch different subjects. Students would have 13 subjects per year that they have to take. Also students are required to take one more language class, other than English. Students could choose French, German or Russian. Everybody would say that fifth grade is the hardest one, Also everybody had to take biology, geography and history until they graduate. In seventh grade everyone has to take chemistry.

When students graduate from elementary school, in the eighth grade, they take a final exam which lasts for only two…

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