Essay about Foreign Language Learning : Language Learners

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Teachers and students have come to learn that in order for an individual to use a second language successfully, acquiring of adequate vocabularies is essential. Theorists also suggest that good language learners have a variety of learning strategies to help them learn a language, and involve in successful communications. Students also gain the ability of completing texts when writing or speaking. In the learning of EFL, vocabulary helps in improvement of all language skills like listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In the past, researchers focused on teaching process, but in the recent years, researchers have shifted their focus to the learning process. The reason for the shift resulted from the discontent with traditional methods. In addition, due to increase in psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics research, there is a growth in individual needs and increased stress on learner-centered education. Foreign language learning studies propose that good learners utilize different strategies to help them gain command over the new language skills. The assumption is that after identification and classification of these strategies, they are presented to learners with learning difficulties to assist them learn a second language more efficiently (O 'Malley, 1990, Oxford, 1990)
According to Schmitt and McCarthy (1997), vocabulary learning is the most important in learning a second or a foreign language. On basis of this idea, it is crucial for teachers or other persons who wish…

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