Essay on Foreign Language During The Middle School And High School

1481 Words Dec 1st, 2016 6 Pages
For many us who took a foreign language course for a couple of years in middle school and high school, and perhaps even college, might be able to retain a few words or phrases here and there. Most likely the language you were offered was hard to comprehend and difficult to speak, therefore making the language almost impossible to obtain. For those children who grow up learning a foreign language from a young age and did not start learning a second language in secondary school benefit tremendously. Children’s brains can obtain much more information, including a foreign language at an impressive rate. Also, learning a second language earlier in life can help improve certain aspects of their lives. Socially you will be able to communicate and befriend more people. Depending on where you are from this can grant you a tremendous amount of social opportunities. From a business and professional aspect, knowing a second language can make you stand out from the next applicant applying for a job, or being able to translate and communicate with others who speak another language. Having the knowledge of another language is very beneficial throughout your life. Being able to start at a young age offers more time to learn and speak a second language. In conclusion, foreign languages should be offered in elementary school, because exposing children to multiple languages at an early age allows them to obtain more information, also grants greater advantages academically, professionally, and…

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