Foreign Influence On The Middle East Essay

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Since the early 20th century, there have been three key time periods of potential foreign influence in the Middle East. The first of these periods was between 1914 to 1945. During this time period, the Middle East moved from Ottoman rule to British and French mandates. The second of these time periods came at the end of World War II, when the post-colonial ride of Muslim-Arab nations was prominent in the Middle East. Furthermore, the founding of the Jewish states of Israel and the pressures of the Cold War were significant, which complicated matters in the Middle East and assisted in forming the third phase. The thirst phase took place in the 1990’s, at the end of the Cold War. Even at the end of the Cold War, there was no effect on the cycle of violence in the highly conflicted area of the Middle East. Since World War I, the Middle East has been a region littered with political and religious conflicts. These conflicts can mostly be attributed to the hierarchal tribal organization of the majority of the Middle East’s people, and their adherence to the Islamic religion. Foreign influence and intervention have significantly contributed to the instability of the region. It has however provided the region with opportunities for both stability and prosperity of a democratic and capitalistic society. The tribal system is the most fundamental structure around which individuals, families and demographic regions are built. It’s hierarchy, generally based on upon heredity…

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