Foreign Expertise During Developing Russian Industry Essay

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The use of foreign expertise could be argued to have had some success in developing Russian industry, as they "played a vital role in 'the great spurt ' "14 and were able to "kick-start Russian industry into the modern age"15. As Russia was so industrially undeveloped prior to Witte 's reforms, this reform was a success as it provided Russia with the means to quickly begin developing its industry with experienced workers, as opposed to spending time training up Russians to fill the roles. As a result, Russian industry was able to develop much faster than it would have done otherwise. However, it could also be argued that this use of foreign expertise, although an immediate success, had long term negative effects on Russia 's industry, as it "stunted the growth of home grown talent"16 and developed, what some of Nicholas 's critics called, "a dangerous and shameful dependence on foreigners"17. As a result of this, it could be argued that the use of foreign expertise was a failure as it left Russia with no means of continuing its industrialisation independently, instead leaving the country reliant upon other countries for its continued success, a move that would have been unpopular amongst Slavophiles.
The use of foreign loans was arguably also a failure in terms of Russia 's industrial and economic development under Witte 's reforms. Although there was an increased inflow of foreign capital during this period, "much of this came from loans, so Russia ran up huge debts"18.…

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