Essay about Foreign Exchange Student Is No Elementary Task

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BitterSweet Hosting a foreign-exchange student is no elementary task. Imagine being a new parent. You are willingly allowing another person to join and be apart of your life, correct? Now imagine that new person being a 15-18 year old teenager from another country and all you know about them is based on a picture and a single letter they wrote for you. Sounds a little unsettling, right? Of course it does. Sometimes that feeling goes away...and sometimes it doesn’t.
In late-Summer 2012, my family received a call from a lady who attended our church asking if we were willing to host a 17-year old boy from Brazil named Michel. His original family fell out a week before he was to fly to America and the NACEL Exchange Student Organization was frantically searching for a replacement family. After much discussion, my family agreed to the task. Like anybody would be, we were very anxious and nervous about Michel’s arrival. We had never done anything like this before and were not sure how it would go. A week passed and soon enough, Michel arrived. As he walked out through the airport terminal, he immediately greeted us with a huge smile and a hug for each one of us. We could definitely tell he was thankful for us taking him in on such short notice. Turns out, it was the best decision we ever made.
For the next five months, our lives were filled with laughter and joy. One of our favorite activities to do with Michel was go to Buffalo Wild Wings and watch UFC fights as he was very…

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