Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ( Fcpa ) And Foreign Anti Corruption Legislation Regarding The Canadian, British, And

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A Current Guide to Understanding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Foreign Anti-Corruption Legislation regarding the Canadian, British, and Chinese Markets Published by: Cougar International Consulting Group

Contributors: Deena Ghazanfarpour, Stephanie Sundsten, Xin Tang, and Maki Uemura
Purpose and Scope of this Handbook This handbook is intended to serve as a source of information to advise the client on how to avoid corruption and abide by U.S. Federal Law in regards to the engagement of domestic and foreign trade. This informational guide supersedes all prior policies or procedures as to the subjects addressed in this handbook. All efforts have been made to ensure the client that information contained in this handbook is up to date as of April 2015. This handbook accurately reflects the laws, ordinances, regulations and policies as of the time of publication of sources used. This handbook does not guarantee the client of amendments and provisions made after April 2015. It is the client’s responsibility to adhere to all U.S. federal law and regulations and to keep informed of any change in policy regarding topics discussed throughout. This guide does not create contractual obligations with respect to any matters it covers and is not in alliance with the federal law. If federal policies are overlooked and corruption is committed, it will have no impact on Cougar International Consulting Group. The firm is responsible for all its…

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